Executive Level Support

What is Executive Level Support?

How often do you feel you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ – and nobody in the organisation is willing to tell you…?

An organisation often suffer from one or two ailments:

  • The unwillingness of its people to highlight problems and issues until it’s too late, through fear of making a ‘career limiting move’, (‘Yes’ men) or
  • A failure to spot market changes that could bring threats or opportunities, due to the need to focus ‘on the day job’ (myopia)


Either leads to a less efficient and successful organisation, with limited growth compared with its potential.

Through our culture, experience and backgrounds, Prism’s senior people understand the ‘loneliness’ of the business executive. We have held senior executive positions in a number of blue chip and start-up businesses, with responsibilities ranging from supply chain and procurement through to customer and market management.

This gives us the ability to act as your ‘critical friend’, with the time and objective independence to help you to see what you may sense you’re missing – and the experience and insight to provide you with appropriate advice.

We employ our proven approach of Diffraction to:

  • Break down otherwise intangible or indiscernible issues into easy-to-see components
  • Review and validate alternative options and opportunities you may be facing


We then work with you to Converge these into:

  • Direct actions and improvements in your organisation, supply/ transaction chains, or customer base
  • New approaches to your existing markets, and/or diversifying into new ones


We believe in what we say and advise, so are always prepared to ‘stick around’ if you wish to assist in the implementation of any initiatives you may wish to pursue. This can include continuing the critical friend role as a Non-Executive board member, through taking ownership and leadership of the risk on your behalf, to establishing a risk and reward model for the initiative between you organisation and Prism. We would be happy to talk to you confidentially (and anonymously) about other clients we are assisting in this manner.

How Can We Help You?

Examples of the activities we have undertaken for client partners include:

Market and Business Review

  • Independent market review and analysis (including targeted surveys as appropriate)

  • Business efficiency review using ‘Throughput’ analysis, Margin and KPI assessment, etc

  • Transaction and supply chain modeling using ForceField analysis, Market control balancing, etc

  • Competitiveness assessment using SWOT, Porters, Boston, etc

Interim or Non-Executive Support

  • Provision of short or long term support for board/ executive leadership teams
  • Task/ programme-focused or general governance and market advice focused

Risk Leadership

  • Risk review and impact analysis of new initiatives
  • Programme management of change initiatives 
  • Leadership of ‘arms length’ start-up enterprises, reducing the dilution of existing executive resource

Asset Review and Commercialisation

  • Review of capital and infrastructure assets for Local Authority, Transport Executives and other Public Sector bodies
  • Identification of commercial value opportunities
  • ‘Soft Market’ review and liaison with private sector over opportunities
  • Procurement and negotiation support using the new EU Procurement Guidelines, including the new regulations regarding Concession contracts