Broadband and The Digital Economy

What is broadband and the digital economy?

Everyone is fully aware that we now live, work and play in a digital ‘global village’, yet how many of us recognise the full economic and subsequent social impact of doing so? Moreover, how many of us have considered the full impact on our organisations not just in terms of our markets but also our processes, culture, supply chains, etc?

Our objective is help organisations transform effectively for the 21st century digital age by fully ‘diffracting’ every aspect of the organisations assets to review their ‘fitness for future purpose’. We then ‘converge’ all the components to help create an organisation able to compete and win through:

  • adopting the required technologies and beyond
  • re-defining process and supply chain
  • managing and rewarding people in an increasingly virtual office environment.


Our existing skills and experience in defining Business Strategy, Technology-Led Business Change and Effective Procurement gives Prism a unique advantage in offering fully comprehensive abilities to help an organisation through this transformation.

Our deep knowledge and track record of the telecommunications industry and markets also enables us to understand the critical importance of transformational digital infrastructure to power the digital economy. Our involvement with the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) – representing users and suppliers of alternative networks in the UK – means we are fully connected to innovators of ground-breaking technologies and commercial models. We work with communities, authorities, suppliers and regulators across three continents to share and develop alternative solutions.

How Can We Help You?

Activities undertaken to assist businesses and public administrations in re-aligning for the global digital economy include:

Digital Economy Status Assessment and Review

  • Impact and Global Threat/ Opportunity Analysis
  • Digital business and value chain review
  • Identification of inhibitors and constraints to digital economic growth
  • Identification of economic (and social) impact analysis


Redefinition of business processes and supply chains using our Business Change services

Review of organisation structure and HR policies to empower people and improve productivity in a virtual environment.

Mapping of existing infrastructure and service profiles- to create a true picture of service availability against EU ‘white, grey and black’ area definitions

Broadband infrastructure development

  • Design of broadband networks
  • Identification of suitable technologies and assessment of the most viable
  • Validation of assets that could benefit the business model ( e.g. ducts, networks, capital subsidies)
  • Identification of service anchor tenants to reduce income and take-up risk (e.g. major corporates and their supply chains, public sector WAN services etc.)


Identification of suitable broadband interventions, including:

  • Use of BT infrastructure BDUK subsidised extensions to their network
  • Use of alternative commercial models to reduce (remove) state aid subsidies and deliver better quality solutions
  • Projections and validation of demand projections and anticipated adoption/ take-up


Procurement, Tender and Negotiation support in securing contracts for:

  • Physical and network infrastructures for broadband
  • Active network provision and operation
  • Internet Service Providers to deliver retail services over the networks and infrastructure