PRISM Business Consulting

Diffracting the problem, converging on the solution.

Executive-level Support​

Analysis, development and delivery of new strategy, or refinement of existing. Identifying the drivers and case for change; creating ‘market differential’ approaches to delivering it.

Technology-enabled Change

Identification, impact assessment and adoption of new technologies. Analysing the true value and cost of technology to the enterprise; incorporating the right technology in the right way for the right outcome.

Effective Procurement

Understanding the requirement, exploring the options and constraints; delivering the successful business outcome not just the procurement process.

Why Choose Us?

Over 100 Years' Combined Experience

Our directors and senior associate consultants have over 100 years’ experience across all of our four service areas.  This has been gained from executive and senior management positions in organisations across many markets in the public and private sectors (see ‘Sectors’ in the About Us section). We’re not just consultants- we’re experienced practitioners.

A Proven, Systematic Approach - Delivering Innovative Solutions

‘Diffracting the problem, converging on the solution’ isn’t just a strap-line, it’s our fundamental approach to ensuring you achieve the right outcomes to succeed. We ‘diffract’ the situation so that everyone understands the components that contribute to the issue and then ‘converge’ all aspects – existing and new – into one coherent solution. It’s surprising how many times such a simple approach produces a radical, innovative way of addressing your need.

An Engaging, Understanding Culture

It’s you and your people who make your organisation; our style is to engage with you to understand your issues, problems, needs and desired outcomes. Our role is to not just understand what the intended outcomes are – but more importantly, why they are what they are. That way, we can advise on the best means of achieving them for you.

With You Every Step of the Way

Most smaller consultancies do just that – consult and advise.  They don’t have the resources or strength to assist you in delivering the proposed approach. Prism is built on our culture and approach (see both above) and we believe in every solution we recommend. For that reason, we are always prepared to ‘stick around’ and help you implement our recommendations. Often, we can extend that to a risk-sharing partnership over its success – either through executive-level involvement or a risk-reward arrangement over the benefits.